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Accessing low cost sourcing capacity to deliver into high demand markets

Swaye Ventures has formed several strategic Joint Ventures and Agreements with a long term strategic focus of accessing low cost sourcing capacity to deliver into high demand markets. The majority of our partners have been in the procurement field for decades. We work directly with primary suppliers or entities which have exclusive off-take agreements with primary suppliers.

Our Strengths:​

  • An established long-term track record 

  • Access to a global network of suppliers 

  • Excellent transport infrastructure 

  • An extensive product list

  • Globally competitive prices 

  • Flexibility to serve customers of all magnitude 

  • ​An extensive network, local knowledge and on-the- ground staff in target markets

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Pink Gradient


Pink Gradient

We have an extensive set of products to offer through a vast network of long-standing suppliers. This ranges from soft/hard commodities, industrial equipment and production plants, dietary products/food and textiles. Commodities division has different teams addressing varying sectors.

Crude and Refined Products

Our business model is focused on the “middle market” consumers of both crude and refined products. Swaye Global Ventures has developed an international network of suppliers and end users on the one hand and banking relationships and logistics solutions on the other.


We operate globally and in line with the Oil & Gas Industry standards. The natural course of our business leads us to propose strategic alliances with business partners in order to achieve mutually beneficial results, and ultimately, steady growth.

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