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Swaye Advisory Group (SAG) 

Adorn your Strategies...

Swaye Advisory Group represents the link between African countries and International Businesses. Our consulting arm relies on a strong network of individuals and institutional investors ranging from Banks, Governmental Agencies, International Organizations, Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms to deliver successful outcomes to our clients.


Swaye puts a strong focus on impact development and the advancement of a digital economy for financial inclusion. As such, we are at the center of such initiatives - both in the implementation of projects across the continent as well as conducting research on policies and the economic landscape. Focus on emerging technologies is a key factor in achieving our goals in this sector. 

Our goal is also to create a cultural bridge between Investors and the reality of the markets they invest in. Given the differences between countries, no businesses are run alike, it is therefore essential to know the different specificities of each market in order to have a flourishing business.

We operate mainly in the following areas:

  • Lead and advise on development projects

  • Conduct research, consult and implement projects on digital economy across  the continent

  • Advise different players on transformative technology

  • Find appropriate financing for Sub-Saharan African projects

  • Lead and Assist African companies in building their project

  • Assist International companies that are looking for financing in order to establish a business in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Assist in negotiating contracts between African Governments and Foreign International Companies

  • Identification of countries where our clients can develop their business

  • Help foreign companies that would like to participate in tenders in our areas of expertise

We follow companies from the start of a project through all phases of development. We are relationship driven and results oriented. Our goal is to select the right clients and to concentrate our resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high quality partners.

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